In France survey costs are at the charge of the vendor. There are a number if surveys that the vendor is obliged to carry out by French law, however the purchaser always has the right to employ their own surveyor, expert or builder to carry out their own survey, but at their own cost. As you can see below, the obligatory surveys in France do not include a structural survey, so particularly for older properties it is highly recommended that you have one carried out. At 2 Valley Properties we can help you with this.

Obligatory surveys

  • An energy report on the property: detailing how energy efficient the property is. This must be carried out as soon as the property is put on the market and the results must be made known to potential buyers.
  • An asbestos survey, which should detail if there is any asbestos in the property, where it is and whether it needs removing.
  • A lead survey, again reporting the presence of lead, its location and whether it needs removing.
  • A termite survey. This however is not needed in the 2 valleys region, which is considered an area of low risk for termites.
  • An electricity report in order to inform the buyer whether the electrics will need to be repaired or replaced.
  • A control must now be carried out on the sewage systems of all properties that are not yet connected to the mains drains.
  • A report should also be provided by the notaire of any potential natural risks present in the surrounding area (avalanche, flooding etc.)
  • A vendor has the right to sell his property, even with the presence of lead, asbestos and with an old electricity installation, but he must notify any eventual purchasers of them.