Sale completion

After a period of around 3 months (the time it takes for the notaire to finish his checks and for the bank to put together the mortgage proposal), you will be notified either by the notaire himself or by us of the date of the final sale completion. You do not have to be present at the final signing but it is preferable. (you can sign a procuration beforehand) We will of course accompany you to the signing to make sure that you fully understand the procedure and to translate when necessary.

The day of the signing you will receive the keys to the property and a paper mentioning you as the new owners (the true deeds of the property will be passed onto you a few weeks after the signing day) You should have made sure that all funds had been transferred previous to the signing date and in the notaries account on the day of the signing. You will also need to make sure that you have transferred funds to pay the notaries fees. The notaries fees will already have been mentioned in the 'compromis de vente'.

At 2 Valley Properties our services include checking the property prior to the signing and making sure all keys have been collected. We also contact the local town hall (mairie), local tax office and EDF (electricity) to make sure that all future contracts and subsequent bills will be in your name.